How modular is transforming the UK’s education estates

Date: 10 October 2019
Written by: Sarah Morton

Any education estate master plan needs to ensure you estate can meet the current and future education needs. Whether this is making sure there’s suitable provision for school places or creating learning spaces that inspire and support students of all ages to achieve their potential. Against a backdrop of outdated buildings, limited funding, increasing demand for school places and a whole host of specialist needs and services to accommodate, Estate Directors are faced with significant challenges.

Off-site construction can help deliver the education infrastructure the UK needs

The government has already recognised the potential of off-site construction to deliver the education infrastructure the UK needs, evidenced with the introduction of the Department for Education’s £300 million modular framework for secondary schools and the £95 million modular framework for primary schools. We know the success already achieved by the DfE is driving the government to significantly expand delivery through modern methods of construction, which is fully supported by the off-site manufacturing industry.

Maximising utilisation

Many estates are not being used to their full potential. Building fewer new spaces and refurbishing existing buildings can cut estate costs and deliver fit for purpose, flexible learning environments that meet the changing needs of our evolving society.

Repurposing existing space, particularly in HE can be fraught with difficulties as office space is often linked to academic achievement and status.

We can help

Extentia Group comprises 11 specialist built-environment businesses that work together to deliver outstanding learning spaces for the full education spectrum.

We’re market leaders in off-site construction in the education sector. Modular methods are a natural fit for live working environments like schools where work is typically constrained by term-time activity.

Our refurbishment & fit out capabilities will transform the buildings you already have into fit for purpose and flexible spaces. Refurbishing existing space also removes risk caused by maintenance backlog at the same time.

We’re working with universities to help them make the most of the space they have, designing environments that contribute to the student experience and helping to manage change in the academic sector.

We have turnkey furniture solutions for learning environments, helping you to create productive and inspiring spaces. We have 52% market share in higher education frameworks and delivered over 220,000 items in last year.

Talk to us

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help with any of the specific challenges you may have. We are exhibiting at Education Estates in Manchester on the 15th & 16th October. Come and talk to us on stand D1. If you can’t make it, please get in touch:

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