The Nationwide Building Society (NBS) recognised the business benefit to focus on service levels and long-term strategies, by reducing the overall cost of operations whilst still maintaining the businesses core values.

It was clear that a strong outsourcing strategy was required, migrating operational skills to centres of excellence throughout the supply chain with anumber of key objectives in place:

  • £10m overhead reduction
  • At least 10% in Real Estate spend
  • Best value from the supply partners
  • Property risk mitigated
  • Service levels maintained ir improved

NBS recognised that reducing the number of suppliers they were operating with would not only empower the remaining supply chain but also free up internal resources, and ensure a consistent service level.

Working closely with key stakeholders across Nationwide’s Business Services, iSite was able to deliver a tailored integration and education strategy to support the business change programme by delivering:

  • Integration of all core supplier data and legacy systems
  • Easy change and removal of suppliers with no hard coding
  • Ability for suppliers to use their own systems
  • Interface with core internal legacy systems
  • Utilising intelligent analysis and reporting tools

iSite acts as the principal system for supply chain collaboration and performance management in NBS Property Services.

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