8 Hanover Square

The Architectural rework replaces the North-East corner of Hanover Square with two distinctive components – office and residential – that are separated above ground but share basement facilities. Our commission, the office portion, features square symmetry, repeating vertical windows, and a Portland stone facade in keeping with those of other Mayfair buildings.

Working and interfacing with MACE (Base Build Contractor) and COMO (CAT B fit-out Contractor), Gratte Brothers (MEPH Services Contractors for both Base Build and CAT B fit-out), alongside Morey-Smith Architects.

The interior design led CAT B fit-out meant that the services deviated significantly from the intention of the CAT A design, which had predetermined openings in the structure. The ceiling design consisted of a number of rafts with integrated lighting, and fan coil units concealed behind the rafts, alongside large exposed areas. As a result consideration needed to be given to arranging exposed services neatly whilst utilising the existing services openings in the structure, whilst still coordinating with interspersed rafts.

MEP Solutions_
Full design of CAT B MEPH services,
Four-pipe fan coil units
High efficiency LED lighting

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