Our approach is built around you.

We have a collaborative, consultative approach, to create bespoke holistic property solutions that give you a clear, long-term strategy to manage and optimise your organisational environments.

We begin by understanding, challenging and defining your brief. This enables us to set clear objectives. From here, we gather information and insights to inform the way forward. We design a strategic plan, combining creative flair with commercial rigour to produce the optimal solution for your built environment.  Building on the solution we define a long-term strategy, to create environments to help your people be effective. We manage the entire implementation programme, overseeing every detail to ensure perfect delivery. Finally, we can look after the ongoing management of your built environment, while continually looking for ways to optimise it.

Built Environment Consultants

We drive productivity through the built environment

Through optimising their built environments we have helped our clients with a range of business challenges, including:

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Compliance and governance
  • Risk management
  • Engagement and well-being of staff and customers
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Clarity and transparency of total estate
  • Brand reputation
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Business performance improvement

Whatever the project, our goal remains the same:

To enable you to get the most from your people, assets, spaces and environments.

Where we drive productivity

The way that schools and Higher Education establishments use their space is constantly evolving and placing new demands on the learning environment. Over a third of students have rejected a University due to the quality of its buildings and lack of facilities.

We inspire learning through creative, vibrant and modern buildings with revolutionary spatial design, all of which serves to support ambitions and drive better outcomes.

UK business productivity has flat-lined over the past 10 years at a time of growing business pressures.

We can redefine how your space is used, embracing and supporting new ways of working, delivering outstanding creative solutions which provide your people with unique and exciting environments which unlock productivity, allowing your business to grow.

The average UK family commits 22% of its weekly budget to leisure spending but with the proliferation of choice, consumers are looking for memorable, unique experiences.

Using our consultative, design led approach, we conceive, project manage and deliver outstanding original environments from concept venues to boutique hotels.

Societal changes, budget constraints and shifts in demographics are intensifying pressure on healthcare, placing increasing demands on the need to deliver more from less.

With changes in provisions from hospitals to community services, our specialist capabilities ensure we deliver practical energised spaces, allowing our clients to do what they do best.

The role of the high street bank is evolving as consumers increasingly adopt mobile and online banking. The result; fewer more experiential, digitally enabled branches.

We deliver transformation programmes, to enable our clients to maximise the opportunity that change presents, seamlessly blending people, process and technology. Providing customers with faster, simpler and better ways of transacting.

In today’s fiercely competitive world, keeping your business up and running is non-negotiable, that’s why it’s vital to ensure you have the right approach to your critical and technology infrastructure.

We devise and deliver solutions which ensure business continuity and certainty of outcome when downtime isn’t an option.

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